EVP-A 350

Model Numer: EVP-A 350
Chamber size: 350 litres
Dimensions: Height 1115mm x Diameter 1420mm
Description: This EVP-A 350 is one of our highest selling units. This machine is coming in as a second hand unit with just 600 hours on the clock, not very much at all. It has got the no-rise separation system so it is good for processing larger and smaller components, where the larger pieces won't catch up and damage and the smaller pieces you can unload across the interchangeable screen. We have also designed out the traditional problem of the unload handles falling off. It has a super thick lining and it is in A1 condition, you won't get a second hand machine in better condition. It comes with the acoustic cover plus all the usual bells and whistles to include, control panels, media and compound.

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