The Quality Policy of PDJ is as follows:

It is the quality objective of PDJ Vibro to provide customer satisfaction.

We aim to provide quality products and services, in a competitive market and meeting customer's requirements, and expectations.

We have developed our quality management system to demonstrate how we will achieve our objectives, through planning, resource, skills, workmanship and our passion for quality. To provide our services in a manner that conforms to all statutory requirements and the contractual and regulatory requirements of its customers.

We are committed to continuous improvement in all we do. In this way we will assure our policy for customer satisfaction is achieved. The Quality System is regularly reviewed in an endeavor to continually improve the quality, delivery performance and competitive tendering in line with the expectations of our customers.

The quality management system of PDJ Vibro Ltd is based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 within the scope and context of registration and organization.

Our objectives are

  • To retain existing customers, attract new customers and maintain our turnover and profitability each year. We recognise that the means of achieving both profitability and customer satisfaction is a zero rate of customer complaints.
  • Our objective is to continually work towards achieving that target.
  • Our objective is to achieve excellence in our field by continually improving our standards
  • It is our objective to ensure a safe and healthy workplace by compliance with applicable Health and Safety Regulations and Codes of Practice. This shall be achieved by the following and maintenance of safe working procedures administered from the health & safety manual.