Centrifugal barrel tumbler

Centrifugal barrel finishing machines work based on the "Ferris Wheel" principle, with an equal ratio of barrel rotation to turret rotation. Each machine features four barrels, which are typically filled to about 50-80% capacity with media, parts, water, and compound. When in operation, the turret's rotation generates a sliding force within the barrel, leading to random or isotropic interactions between parts and media. This process ensures a uniformly consistent finish on every part of the component. Complete sample processing is available, alongside a full stock of all necessary media and supplies.

barrel tumbling illustration


Special Features

High-Speed Efficiency - PDJ Vibro's HZ-Series centrifugal barrel finishers deliver rapid deburring and polishing. Jobs that typically take four hours in a vibratory tumbler can be completed in just 20 minutes, with potential for single-digit Ra surface finishes.

Divided Barrels - The design of these barrel tumblers includes compartments for small parts, reducing part-on-part contact and preventing damage from collisions. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring the safety and integrity of small, delicate components.

Variable Frequency Control - The speed of the tumble is adjustable, allowing operators to fine-tune the process. Lower speeds cater to polishing and finer finishes, while higher speeds are ideal for aggressive deburring and edge radiusing.

Isotropic Finishing - The machines produce an isotropic finish, meaning the surface quality is uniform in all directions, unlike hand polishing.

Safe and Easy Operation - Safety is a priority with the HZ-Series machines. Features like the integral hood switch and two-button jog requirement ensure safe operation. The machine is secured during cycles, and its user-friendly interface, including timers and industrial switches, simplifies operation. The barrel cover lift feature also minimises manual lifting.


  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Machine Tooling
  • Jewellery and Accessories
  • Dental and Orthodontic Supplies
  • Oil and Gas Sector

Technical Details

Type Main Motor
Voltage Total Capacity
Shipping Weight
Dimensions LxWxH
Barrel Length/Diam
HZ-12 0.75 110v 11 317 813x787x1397 213x127 250
HZ-40 2.24 230-460v 40 581 1194x965x1397 318x171 225
HZ-60 3.73 230-460v 57 1361 1727x991x2388 654x152 225
HZ-85 5.59 230-460v 85 1497 1905x991x2388 851x152 225
HZ-120 7.45 230-460v 133 1315 1803x1448x1905 438x260 150
HZ-160 11.19 230-460v 201 1588 1880x1448x1905 527x305 150
HZ-220 11.19 230-460v 226 2359 2057x1448x1905 699x305 135
HZ-330 22.37 230-460v 362 3084 2286x1422x2032 1067x305 115