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TypeApplicationProcesspH - Value
NF - 15 Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Precious Metals Deburring, Polishing 8.2
ID - 22 Steel Deburring, Degreasing 8.8
SP - 45Steel, Zinc, Copper, BrassDeburring and Polishing,
High pasivation ability
KP - 45Steel, Zinc, Copper, BrassPolishing, High pasivation ability8.8
NY - 42Steel, Zinc, Copper, BrassDeburring, Polishing, Pasivation8.2
ASP - 50Aluminium, Brass, CopperDeburring, Polishing1.8
SP - 54Stainless Steel Deburring, Polishing1.9
BP - 84Brass, Copper Deburring, Polishing1.2
AS - 80Steel, Copper, BrassDescaling, Degreasing,
GA - 40Steel, Copper, Brass, ZincDeburring8.2
RA - 15Rubber, Plastic Deburring8.9