Improve Your Drying Process with Our Advanced Tilting Centrifugal Dryers

Do you need to dry metal and plastic parts efficiently?
Are other machines too bulky and inconvenient to operate?
Your current drying system may be costing you time, money and quality

Introducing PDJ Vibro’s Tilting Centrifugal Dryers

We have 2 models of tilting centrifugal dryers with each model offering unique specifications so we can find the best one to suit you


We also have traditional non-tilting basket machines


  • Space saving: no longer need cranes to load and unload
  • Cost saving: reduced labour and energy costs
  • Comprehensive drying: thanks to dual action mechanism
  • Consistent quality
  • Enhanced efficiency: rapid drying times reduce cycle duration and increase output
  • User-friendly operation: tilting mechanism makes operation easier and safe


  • Tiltable mechanism
  • Process control timer
  • Optional automatic operation and temperature control
  • Additions: Electro lock and light barrier
  • Choice of work bowl hole diameters
  • Air circulation via suction (rather than fan)

What's next?

So you’ve identified a need for efficient drying of parts - where should you go from here?

Contact us by phone or online form so that you can discuss your specific needs
We will help to find the right thing for you - our experts will design and customise the dryer to fit your application

Our team will send the dryer and provide advice so you are set up and running.

Your drying problems are resolved!



Type EDK50 EDK70 EK 40
Tiltable Basket
Internal Basket Dimensions Ø x h ( mm ) 460x320 510x320 373 x 270
Gross Volume ( Lt.) 50 70 30
Capacity ( kg ) 50 70 30
Rpm ( d/dak ) 550 550 500
Heating Power ( kW ) 4.5 4.5 2.5
Motor Power ( kW ) 1.1 1.1 0.75
Total Installed Power (kW ) 5.6 6 3.25
Power supply 400v 50Hz 400v 50Hz  
Basket Material AISI 304 AISI 304  
Overall Dimensions l x w x h ( mm ) 1200x850x1250 1250x1050x1280 875 x 650 x 1400
Basket Entry Dia. (mm) Ø 405 Ø 420  
Basket Hole Dia. (mm) Ø 3 Ø 3  
Weight ( kg ) 360 410 160