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PDJ Vibro Ltd - In the press

MWP Advanced Engineering Magazine

Winning a contract, earlier this year, to produce components for super-yachts meant that a new vibratory bowl was needed to clean, deburr and finish the surfaces of large components, as the existing machine at the company's Gosport factory was too small.

Machinery Magazine

Family run subcontract machinist Mathison Engineering specialises in producing 316 stainless steel marine fittings in quantities ranging from one-off prototypes to high volume runs.

Engineering capacity magazine

A contract for super-yacht components meant that a family-run subcontract machinist needed to invest in equipment that could clean, deburr and finish he parts to a high standard.

TCT Magazine

After using the technology for just under a year, leading design and model-making bureau Ogle Models and Prototypes has prepared a set of guidelines to assist other companies in using vibratory bowls to finish 3D printed parts.