Vibratory Finishing Machines and Equipment

Our showroom holds over 120 vibratory finishing machines. From the moment you contact us you will receive excellent care and technical advice on the best machine for your component finishing.

Vibratory Bowl Finishing Machine, without unload
EVP Range Designed to process small to medium sized components.
Vibratory Bowl Finishing Machine, with parts unload
EVP-RA Range Designed to process small to medium sized components.
Vibratory Bowl, parts unload, flat chamber
EVP-A Range Designed to process small to medium sized components.
Vibratory troughs
EVT, BPT, BPTE Range Designed to process long and delicate components
Maize dryers
EVK Range Excellent drying abilities, excellent heating system
TURBO Range Process small robust components with an aggressive process
Centrifugal dryer machine
EDK & EK Range Drying metal and plastic parts by centrifugal force and hot air
Centrifugal Barrel Finishers
HZ range for rapid deburring and polishing with a uniformly consistent finish
Tumbler type machines
TAM Range Process small robust components with an aggressive process
Drag Finishing machine
EST Range. Drag finishing technology
Circular Bowl jewellery
Perfect for Jewellery processing

Mass finishing systems have a broad range of finishing applications, with the specific goals varying depending on the intended outcome. The applications encompass a wide array of activities aimed at achieving desired results. These applications include deburring, which involves the removal of rough edges and burrs left on a surface after machining. Additionally, mass finishing systems are employed for the removal of machining lines, which helps to create a smoother surface finish.

Surface defects can also be effectively eliminated through the use of mass finishing systems. These defects may include uneven surfaces, scratches, or imperfections that need to be rectified. Furthermore, these systems are capable of descaling, which involves the removal of rust, scale, or oxide layers from metal surfaces. Degreasing and oil removal are additional applications undertaken by mass finishing systems, as they help to eliminate grease, oil, and other contaminants from workpieces.

Mass finishing systems are also used for cleaning purposes. This involves removing dirt, dust, and other foreign particles that may have accumulated on the surface during the production process. The smoothing process, on the other hand, is utilized to achieve a more refined and even surface texture.

Radiusing is another application of mass finishing systems, where sharp edges and corners are rounded off to create a smooth and visually appealing appearance. Brightening is also achieved using these systems, which involves enhancing the surface luster and brightness of the workpiece. The polishing and burnishing applications help in attaining a glossy, reflective surface finish. Lastly, superfinishing is performed to achieve an exceptionally smooth and high-quality finish, often using fine abrasives or polishing compounds.

The various finishing applications of mass finishing systems encompass deburring, removal of machining lines, elimination of surface defects, descaling, degreasing and oil removal, cleaning, smoothing, radiusing, brightening, polishing and burnishing, as well as super-finishing.