Centrifugal dryer machine
Centrifugal dryer machine

PDJ Vibro, a renowned name in the vibratory finishing industry, presents the high-performing Centrifugal Dryer Machines. These machines are engineered to dry metal and plastic parts using a blend of centrifugal force and hot air, delivering a swift and effective drying process.

Key Features

  1. Durable Design and User-Friendly Operation: The PDJ Vibro Centrifugal Dryer Machines boast a sturdy design that can endure intensive use. Furthermore, their user-friendly operation makes them a convenient choice for diverse industrial applications.
  2. Effective Drying Mechanism: The machines employ a mix of centrifugal force and hot air to dry metal and plastic parts. This dual-action mechanism ensures comprehensive and efficient drying.
  3. Versatile Unloading Options: The EK 40 is a traditional, non-tilting machine with a removable basket, allowing for varied sieve sizes. In contrast, the EDK50 & EDK70 Centrifugal Drying Machines are tiltable, simplifying unloading. These models offer optional automatic operation and temperature control, as well as potential electro lock and light barrier additions. Their fixed work bowl and tilting body are balanced for efficiency. Choose from different work bowl hole diameters to meet specific needs. Their design is both stylish and ergonomic, with air circulation achieved through suction rather than a fan.
  4. Process Control Timer: The machines come equipped with a process control timer, enabling you to customize the drying time according to your needs.

Models and Specifications

PDJ Vibro Centrifugal Dryer Machines are available in three distinct models: EK 40, EDK50, and EDK70. Each model has its unique specifications, providing you with the flexibility to select the one that best suits your requirements.

Type EDK50 EDK70 EK 40
Tiltable Basket
Internal Basket Dimensions Ø x h ( mm ) 460x320 510x320 373 x 270
Gross Volume ( Lt.) 50 70 30
Capacity ( kg ) 50 70 30
Rpm ( d/dak ) 550 550 500
Heating Power ( kW ) 4.5 4.5 2.5
Motor Power ( kW ) 1.1 1.1 0.75
Total Installed Power (kW ) 5.6 6 3.25
Power supply 400v 50Hz 400v 50Hz  
Basket Material AISI 304 AISI 304  
Overall Dimensions l x w x h ( mm ) 1200x850x1250 1250x1050x1280 875 x 650 x 1400
Basket Entry Dia. (mm) Ø 405 Ø 420  
Basket Hole Dia. (mm) Ø 3 Ø 3  
Weight ( kg ) 360 410 160

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