Experience the Benefits of Superfinishing for High-Precision Components

Superfinishing or superpolishing, is a precision surface finishing process designed to improve the functional characteristics of components, such as reduced friction, increased wear resistance, and extended operational life. This process is employed after grinding, turning, or other machining operations to refine the surface finish of parts, making it an essential step in achieving high-precision finishes for critical components in automotive, aerospace, medical, and precision engineering industries.

Why Choose Our Superfinishing Service

At our company, we pride ourselves on offering a fast and reliable superfinishing service for your components. With decades of experience in component finishing, our expert team is fully equipped to handle over 3 million components per month, ensuring a consistent and accurate close tolerance finish down to 0.03 Ra.

  • Reduce contact fatigue: A smoother surface causes less friction, requiring less power to run.
  • Cooler, faster, and longer: A smoother surface makes your component run cooler, faster, and longer.
  • Increase component life: Less wear on your component, making them more durable.
  • Superfinishing to 0.03 Ra: Consistent and accurate close tolerance finishes.
  • Dedicated superfinishing department: Fully equipped to handle 3,000,000+ components every month.
  • Average 24-hour turnaround: Based on our delivery performance calculated over 12 months.

Our superfinishing process is ideal for racing teams needing reduced contact fatigue, motorsport for most engine parts, aviation where increased component life is essential, and medical applications where accuracy can be a life saver.

From the moment you contact us, you will receive excellent service from knowledgeable, professional individuals and a company with decades of experience in component finishing. Reduce your finishing bottleneck and enhance the performance of your components with our superfast superfinishing service today.

An example of how we work
A client rang up at 2pm with a bottleneck in their Superfinishing process. At 3.30pm the products arrived with us. In the processer at 4pm, client collects finished product at 10am the next morning. As we said, superfast Superfinishing.