Clear Your Finishing Backlog! Subcontract to Vibratory Finishing Experts

If you have a backlog with your deburring or polishing, whether it be hand finishing or vibro finishing, then we are here to help. We have over 18 machines plugged in at any one time, set up for all deburring, polishing, or superfinishing applications. We have that supported with our 240 tonnes of media and compounds, along with our decades of hands-on experience. To make your hand finishing problems go away today, call us on 01908 648757. We'd love to help.

If you have a Mass Finishing need but are not ready to invest in new equipment why not take advantage of our state of the art sub-contract service. While purchasing equipment clearly has its advantages it's not always the ideal solution. From the moment you contact us you will receive excellent service from knowledgeable, professional individuals and a company with decades of experience.
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