27th March 2020 - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: With the coronavirus due to spike in the next 2-3 weeks, we will be operating on reduced staff.
Rather than a complete closure, we will be utilising the relevant staff on an as-needed basis.

To ensure you receive equipment, consumables and subcontract support, we request that all company activities are by appointment only.
Your requirements will be processed to the usual standards.

Your email will be handled by those working from home. To discuss your requirements, please call 01908 648757

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With same or next day turnaround as standard you could resolve your finishing headaches today.

If you have a Vibratory Deburring need but are not ready to invest in new equipment why not take advantage of our state of the art sub-contract service. While purchasing equipment clearly has its advantages it's not always the ideal solution. From the moment you contact us you will receive excellent service from knowledgeable, professional individuals and a company with decades of experience.

  • Our sub-contract department finishes over 3 million components per month
  • Work with a company with decades of experience in component finishing
  • Reduce your finishing bottleneck with our fast turnaround
  • Average 24 hour turnaround - based on our delivery performance calculated over 12 months
  • UK's leading supplier of Vibratory-Barrel & Centrifugal finishing technology

Applications include:

Sub contract department and media

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