PDJ Vibro Ltd is recognised as a high-caliber 3D post processing service provider specifically tailored for 3D printed parts. Utilizing the most advanced equipment, compounds, and media within its sophisticated in-house finishing department, PDJ Vibro provides an industry-leading solution that delivers unrivaled results. Its services are highly sought after across diverse sectors, particularly within the fast-paced and precise motorsport industry.

3D post processing

The post-processing services PDJ Vibro offers are vital for refining 3D printed parts. These services are pivotal for smoothing out rough edges, boosting aesthetic appeal, and ensuring that each part fulfills the precise functional requirements. From complex automotive parts used in motorsport to detailed elements for aerospace applications, PDJ Vibro's all-encompassing in-house service delivers high-quality surface finishing that meets the exacting standards of various industries.

A defining feature of PDJ Vibro's post-processing service is its world-class equipment. The company employs state-of-the-art vibratory and high-energy 3D print post processing tools that are designed to deliver perfect results. Capable of managing an array of 3D printed parts of various sizes, shapes, and materials, these machines are optimized to process multiple parts concurrently, boosting efficiency without jeopardizing quality or accuracy.

Complementing this superior equipment, PDJ Vibro employs an assortment of specialised 3D post processing media and compounds that substantially improve the finishing process. Media selection is strategically based on the part's material and the desired end finish, ranging from ceramic to plastic. When paired with PDJ Vibro's advanced compounds, these materials ensure a superior surface finish, aiding in the removal of imperfections, strengthening durability, and guaranteeing parts are perfectly primed for their intended use.

One aspect where PDJ Vibro truly outshines competitors is its commitment to rapid service delivery. Understanding the urgency within industries like motorsport, PDJ Vibro pledges that work typically begins, if not is completed, within 24 hours of receiving the parts. This prompt response, married with their proficient processes, promises a fast turnaround time without sacrificing any aspect of quality.

In addition, PDJ Vibro is committed to maintaining its status as an industry leader through ongoing innovation. Regular upgrades and diligent maintenance of its equipment, along with the exploration of new media and compounds, ensure they continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their post-processing service.

In conclusion, PDJ Vibro's post-processing services for 3D printed parts are characterized by superior quality and swiftness, a result of their employment of the latest equipment, media, and compounds. With an emphasis on starting or even completing work within 24 hours of receipt, customers, especially from the motorsport industry, can rely on a swift and dependable service that exceeds their rigorous standards. As the 3D printing landscape continues to advance, PDJ Vibro remains at the helm, ready to provide top-tier finishing solutions for a diverse range of 3D printed parts.