27th March 2020 - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: With the coronavirus due to spike in the next 2-3 weeks, we will be operating on reduced staff.
Rather than a complete closure, we will be utilising the relevant staff on an as-needed basis.

To ensure you receive equipment, consumables and subcontract support, we request that all company activities are by appointment only.
Your requirements will be processed to the usual standards.

Your email will be handled by those working from home. To discuss your requirements, please call 01908 648757

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Superfinishing blog

Read the latest news, developments and opinion pieces on our superfinishing from mass finishing specialists PDJ Vibro Ltd.

Nova Racing

Established in 1989, Nova Racing (www.novaracing.co.uk) is one of the only companies to supply racing gearboxes to the British superbike grids. At its Partridge Green factory in West Sussex, a pair of vibratory bowl finishing machines from PDJ Vibro is employed to polish nearly all of the gears and shafts, after they have been machined and hardened, in a process referred to as superfinishing.

MIC Superfinish

Three new vibratory finishing machines from PDJ Vibro Ltd are helping the Metal Improvement Company (MIC) at its Derby facility to streamline the ‘C.A.S.E™’ isotropic superfinishing process, which uses a combination of controlled shot peening, surface treatment by oxalic acids and non-abrasive vibratory finishing to enhance the fatigue strength and surface properties of components operating under stress and enable them to resist high stress loadings. The process is said to be more effective than shot peening alone and is used widely for improving the fatigue resistance of critical...