PDJ Vibro's revolutionary new compound, NF-15 XP, has taken the world of 3D printed metals by storm. Designed to enhance the finishing process, NF-15 XP delivers unparalleled results, boasting brighter and more vibrant finishes than ever before. This cutting-edge compound represents a significant leap forward in metal finishing technology.

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NF-15 XP has been specifically formulated to address the unique challenges associated with 3D printed metals. It provides exceptional cleaning and polishing properties, ensuring that the final product achieves the desired aesthetic appeal. By incorporating NF-15 XP into the finishing process, manufacturers can achieve impeccable surface finishes that meet the highest industry standards.

One of the key advantages of NF-15 XP is its compatibility with a wide range of media. PDJ Vibro has carefully curated a comprehensive collection of 240 tones of media, ensuring that customers have access to the perfect combination for their specific application. Whether it's deburring, polishing, or achieving a mirror-like shine, PDJ Vibro's extensive media selection guarantees the very best finishes.

The synergy between NF-15 XP and PDJ Vibro's media options creates an unbeatable combination. By selecting the ideal media for a particular metal and desired finish, manufacturers can achieve remarkable results. From removing imperfections and burrs to creating a flawless surface, this powerful duo ensures consistent, high-quality finishes that exceed expectations.

PDJ Vibro's dedication to innovation and excellence is evident in the development of NF-15 XP. Their commitment to providing customers with the finest finishing solutions is reflected in the impressive results that can be achieved with this compound. The use of NF-15 XP, combined with PDJ Vibro's vast media selection, guarantees a superior finish that meets the most demanding requirements.

As PDJ Vibro continues to push the boundaries of metal finishing technology, NF-15 XP represents a breakthrough in the 3D printing industry. Manufacturers can confidently rely on this compound to deliver exceptional results and elevate their products to new levels of excellence. With NF-15 XP and PDJ Vibro's extensive range of media options, the possibilities for achieving flawless finishes are limitless.