view of the subcontract department with all the machines lined up

When selling vibratory finishing machines, the presence of a subcontract department is not only beneficial but essential. Let's explore why a subcontract department is a vital cog in the machine sales wheel.

Real-World Demonstrations
Through real-world demonstrations, a subcontract department provides potential customers with the opportunity to see our machines at work and the results first-hand. What we offer is a genuine display of our machines’ capabilities under typical operating conditions and the opportunity to finetune the process to suit our customers’ needs. For us, authenticity is invaluable, and subcontracting allows us to build trust with our customers and confidence in our machinery’s performance.

Proven Solutions
Our subcontract department is fully operational and produces finished components, offering tangible proof of the machines’ effectiveness. Through this process, customers are able to see that our machines are capable of producing high-quality components on a large-scale, as well as providing a strong level of assurance. We find that this proof-of-concept acts as a significant advantage in convincing potential customers of the value of our machines.

Expert Support
At PDJ Vibro, our subcontract department is staffed by experts with decades of experience in machine operations. These experts can provide valuable support and advice to customers, helping to get the most out of our machines and the outcome our customers desire. Our experts can also offer guidance to customers who may be new to this type of machinery.

Tailored Solutions
We pride ourselves on our ability to offer tailored solutions to each of our customers due to our decades of expertise and the vast array of top-quality equipment and consumables. By understanding our customer’s specific needs and allowing customers to see our machines in action, we can recommend the best machinery and setup for each unique situation. Based on our extensive experience, clients greatly appreciate the value of our personalised solutions, which are tailored through collaborative partnerships to achieve optimal results.

Media in a machine

At PDJ Vibro, our subcontract department plays a crucial role in machine sales. It provides real-world demonstrations, offers proven solutions, gives expert support, and enables the development of tailored solutions. Overall, these factors combine to enhance customer confidence, satisfaction and sales.