Chamber size: Advertised as 500 litres but we believe to be nearer 400 litres
Description: This machine is not from our range. It is a VRM500ED, advertised as a 500-litre circular bowl with unload and acoustic cover. We put our 550-litre machine next to it, which is significantly (approximately 20%) larger. So, we think the machine on offer here is more like a 400-litre bowl. There are a few other differences as well, some of the build quality is different from our machines. It is missing some of the safety features we have, such as it has two gas struts whereas ours has gas struts and pneumatic cylinders, which we think is important. The springs are not guarded, and while the machine is CE marked, this is an important safety factor our machines have. If you are after a machine which is about 400 litres, with unload and an acoustic cover, at a budget price, then this machine may suit you.

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