One of the UK’s leading anodising and plating specialists – Anodisers Runcorn Ltd – has eliminated the labour-intensive task of manually deburring and removing inclusions and minor surface defects from mainly aluminium and copper components, following the installation of a new vibratory finishing machine from PDJ Vibro Ltd.

The company also reports that the switch to vibratory finishing has enhanced the quality of the wide variety of parts the company processes and ensured a consistent surface result. Many of these parts are precision, high-specification items destined for customers in the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors. Added to this, streamlining the deburring process has helped to minimise turnaround times and reduce costs.

Anodisers Runcorn installed the PDJ ‘EVP-RA 100’ vibratory machine, which has a 930mm diameter processing bowl, after initially seeing a machine in action at the last ‘Surface World’ exhibition in 2009 and then subsequently undertaking sample processing trials at PDJ’s Milton Keynes demonstration and development facility, which proved both the cost and quality benefits of vibratory finishing. The machine is used prior to or after anodising, plating and other surface treatment operations – depending on production requirements.

Anodisers Runcorn
PDJ vibratory finishing can eliminate the labour-intensive task of manually deburring and removing inclusions and minor surface defects from anodised products, such as those pictured above.

“There’s no doubt that the PDJ machine has been a sound investment,” says Dave Walch, MD of Anodisers Runcorn Ltd. “The continuing success of our business depends on maintaining the highest possible quality and the machine is playing a significant role in achieving this.”

The PDJ ‘EVP-RA 100’ machine has a very high abrasive efficiency and separation, as well as continuously adjustable vibration control to ensure that processing can be optimised to suit different components, which in this particular application typically measure up to 300mm in length and around 30mm in diameter.

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