Our liquid finishing compounds are designed for optimal performance in vibratory and high-energy finishing machines, catering to a variety of metals and other materials.

Our focus on environmentally friendly and biodegradable solutions ensures that while you achieve the best finishing results, you're also contributing to sustainable practices.

Below is a detailed guide to our range of finishing compounds, highlighting their applications, processes, and pH values, to help you select the perfect compound for your specific needs.

TypeApplicationProcesspH - Value
NF - 15 Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Precious Metals Deburring, Polishing 8.2
ID - 22 Steel Deburring, Degreasing 8.8
SP - 45Steel, Zinc, Copper, BrassDeburring and Polishing,
High pasivation ability
KP - 45Steel, Zinc, Copper, BrassPolishing, High pasivation ability8.8
NY - 42Steel, Zinc, Copper, BrassDeburring, Polishing, Pasivation8.2
ASP - 50Aluminium, Brass, CopperDeburring, Polishing1.8
SP - 54Stainless Steel Deburring, Polishing1.9
BP - 84Brass, Copper Deburring, Polishing1.2
AS - 80Steel, Copper, BrassDescaling, Degreasing,
GA - 40Steel, Copper, Brass, ZincDeburring8.2
RA - 15Rubber, Plastic Deburring8.9

Useful Information

New compound for Metal 3d printed parts
PDJ Vibro's revolutionary new compound, NF-15 XP, has taken the world of 3D printed metals by storm. Designed to enhance the finishing process, NF-15 XP delivers unparalleled results, boasting brighter and more vibrant finishes than ever before. This cutting-edge compound represents a significant leap forward in metal finishing technology.