Vibro Bowl finishing

When global materials engineering company Morgan Advanced Materials needed a new vibratory finishing bowl, the company turned to PDJ Vibro for a solution. Morgan manufactures high specification, technically complex components for a wide range of applications, from military to medical, transportation and petrochemical.

PDJ Vibro installed the machine at Morgan’s Stourport facility at the end of 2013, where it joined half a dozen similar bowls from various suppliers. The site specialises in producing pump components and hermetic seals to demanding tolerances.

The latest bowl was needed to increase finishing capacity to cope with a steady rise in production output. In particular, it is utilised to process ceramic medical products approximately 25 mm in diameter. After firing, they are deburred and polished using Morgan’s own media designed for the application, in the presence of a water-based medium.

Keith Cooper, purchasing and logistics manager at Morgan Advanced Materials commented, “We reviewed four different machines, but vibratory bowls are fairly simplistic pieces of equipment and there is not much to choose between them.

“Good quality is obviously important, but it was the ‘can-do’ attitude of PDJ Vibro that secured this sale.”

The managing director of PDJ Vibro, David Hurley, visited Mr Cooper at Morgan and 24 hours later, the EVPA220 vibratory bowl was delivered ex-stock from the supplier’s Milton Keynes headquarters and was operating in the ceramics factory.

During pre-sales discussions, the topic of whether to buy a new or a refurbished machine often comes up. The lower cost of new vibratory bowls these days together with the uncertainty surrounding how much life is left in a pre-owned machine - and their current scarcity - led Morgan to purchase a new machine on this occasion.

The PDJ Vibro bowl was supplied with an acoustic cover, a screen for automatically separating parts from the abrasive media, and variable speed drive to allow the finishing action to be accurately tailored to the components being processed.

Mr Cooper concluded, “I wish every machine installation would go so smoothly.

“The quick response from PDJ Vibro combined with the right attitude and competitive price prompted me to send my first ever message of congratulation to a supplier in more than 40 years.”

Morgan Advanced Materials: