PDJ Vibro Rectangular Trough Vibrators are designed to process long components and delicate components where part on part damage is likely (chamber can be sectioned with divider plates).

Rectangular Trough Vibrators

The finishing media and chemical additive combinations provide a wide spectrum of finishes from simple deburring, edge breaking, degreasing, radiusing though to 0.03 ra super finishing. The oscillation action causes a cascade motion within the process chamber making this machine type ideal for a range of applications.

Process chamber sizes range from 30 litres though to 6000 litres.

Optional features include:

  • PLC Controls.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Acoustic suppression covers.
  • Chemical additive dosing.
  • Effluent control.

What else to consider:

  • Not all vibratory process chambers must be stress relieved to avoid premature cracking. Welding invariably causes the abrasive resistant lining to delaminate making the unit redundant.
  • Process chamber linings commonly last 5-20 years (subject to use).
  • Motor bearings will require replacing every 5000 hours.
  • Running costs can be calculated after process trials.

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