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Ellesco Deburring & Polishing Machines

Ellesco Limited went into voluntary liquidation in March 2022. As deburring and polishing experts, PDJ Vibro have been able to source Ellesco deburring or polishing machines which are still available.

If you are looking for equipment, consumables or maintenance for Ellesco machinery, then please get in touch and one of our experts will help you with your query.

Ellesco Machine solutions we can help with;

  • Deburring - cast/machined, sheet
    A wide range of machines to debur your metal parts after cutting. This is used for sheet, plate, cast and machined parts.

  • Polishing - cast/machined, coil, sheet, tube/bar
    Often a very specific requirement to achieve a precise level of finish, Polishing machines can be supplied for flat sheet or widely varying shaped comonents. Particularly in Automotive and Household sectors, fully automated machines can deliver the high quality but always consistent finish every time, every component.

  • Graining - sheet
    From 2mm wide to 2000mm wide. Light or heavy duty, small or high volume our range of machines can supply a standardised and always consistent finish to meet the clients expectations, every time.

  • Edge radiussing - handling, perfect edge, plate, powder coating, sheet
    The process by which a machine can remove the extreme sharp clean edge created through cutting or deburring.

  • Calibrating - plate, sheet
    To determine, check or rectify the thickness of a material to high levels of accuracy.


Ellesco Deburring